Cx Infection Control 1-2-3

THCx serves healthcare facilities as well as other building owners with our quality control process Commissioning Infection Control  1-2-3™ to attain "Healthy Architecture" and "Healthy Environments".

Infection Control in Public Buildings

windowarchTHCx leadership includes physician experience in clinical medicine, architectural design and engineering expertise. We provide comprehensive Infection Control services through all building design and construction phases, from pre-design through facility occupation.  THCx will work with you to design a safe and efficient building as well as to protect the safety of nearby people, existing facility staff, and the construction personnel.

During hospital or other public facility construction it is vital to ensure the safety of nearby patients or other vulnerable people without interfering with building process. THCx offers site containment monitoring as well as education for construction workers new to Infection Control during construction. THCx will update and implement your Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) and ensure that all safety protocols are followed.



THCx Building Program IC Flow Diagram