Cx Infection Control 1-2-3

THCx serves healthcare facilities as well as other building owners with our quality control process Commissioning Infection Control  1-2-3™ to attain "Healthy Architecture" and "Healthy Environments".

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Stephanie H. Taylor MD, M. Arch, CIC, President and Founder of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc. is an accomplished doctor with extensive training.  Dr. Taylor graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1984, and subsequently trained in and practiced Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Family Practice. When her interests and concerns about patient well-being expanded to the include the problems of antibiotic resistance in bacteria and infections obtained during in-patient treatment, she obtained her Masters in Architecture degree followed by several Infection Prevention certifications.  Through generous guidance and business mentoring from ASHRAE member Howard McKew, PE, CPE she is now the Founder and President of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc., Physician-Led Consulting.  Her company helps hospitals reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections through third party, confidential consulting. Her work involves hospitals within the United States as well as in Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Africa. Dr. Taylor joined ASHRAE in 2012. View Dr. Taylor's extensive resume by browsing the links under Experience section listed in the left hand column.

BuildingSmartSoftware, LLC

BuildingSmartSoftware, LLC ( is a building commissioning and facility assessment firm which shares the same philosophy with THCx relative to quality control.  Howard McKew, President is a registered professional engineer, Certified Plant Engineer, and ASHRAE Fellow where he has been recognized by ASHRAE for Distinguished Service and bestowed the George B. Hightower award for HVAC Technical Achievement.  Mr. McKew has over 45 years of experience in building design, construction management, operation & maintenance management, commissioning and troubleshooting. He also has more than 35 years of writing experience focused on the building industry, managing people and processes and problem solving. He has been a columnist for almost 25-years at Engineered Systems Magazine (